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Install ESET from www.eset.com/ca/download official.

ESET is antivirus, antimalware and anti threat defender program to secure your device, data, folder, and other important data. Business, as well as home products, is available at www.eset.com/ca/download page where you can easily download then install the software on your device.


ESET security offers an antivirus security suite for Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, and mobile devices. To get started with ESET antivirus software you can follow the basic four steps-

  1. Visit www.eset.com/ca/download page.
  2. Select the ESET product.
  3. Hit the download button.
  4. Install and activate setup.

30-days free trial of ESET security is available for new users.

One License for All Devices – Find My ESET license key

Before you visit www.eset.com/ca/download ESET page and download the setup, you should have a license key that can be used for further activation purposes. To get the activation key or license code, you can purchase a key at online or offline stores. Activating ESET is necessary that uses the license to activate it. Not activating the software doesn’t allow ESET to protect your data or files.

Getting the ESET license key online will directly send you the code on registered email. This 20 digits alphanumeric code can be then copied and paste further. If you purchased the code offline then the code will be shown below XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX code. Then you can download the ESET from site www.eset.com/ca/download and paste the code in the activation box after installation.  If you have a CD, then you can find the code in the instruction paper. Otherwise, in case of the retail card, flip the card, redeem the hidden code and enter the code during the activation process.      

ESET security Download Guide – www.eset.com/ca/download

Once you visit www.eset.com/ca/download the site, then you can follow ESET download guide steps. Before you proceed to install the software, ensure that your device is fulfilling the ESET system requirements.

ESET System requirements –

  • Intel® or AMD x86-x64 Processor
  • 1 GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
  • Windows– Windows 10,7, 8.x, 7 SP1, and Vista 
  • Mac– macOS 10.9 and later
  • Linux–RedHat Enterprise Linux 6, 7, CentOS 6, 7, Ubuntu Server LTS 16.04, 18.04, Debian 9, SUSE Linux enterprise server 12, and 15 of 64-bit.
  • Maximum1 GB of RAM
  • 320 MB hard disk space
  • Mobile devices– Android 4 or later and iOS 8 + or later with a maximum 128 Mb and minimum 20 MB space

So, if your device is ready to install ESET antivirus, then follow the below process to download the software;

  1. Open a web browser (default or any other).
  2. Go to the link – eset.com/ca/download and reach download.
  3. Select the field from Home, Business and Other option.
  4. Next, choose your license key options such as –  ‘I already purchased’ or ‘I have a business license’
  5. On the same www.eset.com/ca/download page, you can try out ESET free trial (available for new users).
  6. If you want to use the trial version, fill the ESET form then verify the mail.
  7. From your received mail you can download the setup installer.
  8. If you have license key, then you can choose the ESET product and hit the Download tab.
  9. Wait for downloading and install the software.

Step By Step ESET Setup Installation –

Downloading the ESET security setup from www.eset.com/ca/download allows you to install the software on your device. Here is the installation guide for all devices, you can follow instructions;

For Windows –

If you are a windows user and downloaded the ESET setup from www.eset.com/ca/download successfully, then install the software with the following steps;


Step 1 – Open download software folder and double-click on the ESET installer icon.

Step 2 – Once you prompted, click the Open tab. Then click the ‘Next’ button.

Step 3 – Choose ‘I accept the terms in the License Agreement’ and hit ‘Next’ button on the bottom.

Step 4 – The installation mode window will open, then choose ‘Typical’ and hit NEXT.

Step 5 – Enter the username and password associated with ESET and continue by tapping on ‘Next’ button.

Step 6 – Hit ‘Install’ and start installation.

Step 7 – Then click ‘Finish’ and complete the installation. Restart the computer and activate the setup.   


For Mac –

Downloaded ESET product using www.eset.com/ca/download for Mac can be installed with below steps;


Step 1 – Go to downloads folder and double-tap on installer file.

Step 2 – Launch the installation Wizard by tapping on ‘Continue’ button.

Step 3 – If your Mac device has security software, then remove it by clicking on ‘Continue’ tab.

Step 4 – Next, hit ‘Continue’ and ‘Agree’ tab. Then choose ‘Typical installation mode’. (if you want to configure your settings, then choose Custom settings). Then hit ‘continue’ tab

Step 5 – In next LiveGrid window, choose the preferred option and tap continue.

Step 6 – Click on ‘Install’ tab, enter the administrator password of you macOS, and then again click on ‘Install Software’ button.

Step 7 – Once the installation completes, restart the macOS and activate the setup.    


For Mobile devices – www.eset.com/ca/download

The ESET mobile security is available on the app stores. One can get the software also from ESET official sites like www.eset.com/ca/download page. Follow below guidelines to install the ESET app on your device;


Step 1 – Go to mobile App store (Google play or Apple app store).

Step 2 – Search ‘ESET Mobile Security’ and tap Install/ Get.

Step 3 – Tap ‘Open’ and choose the country and language.

Step 4 – Tap ‘Next’ to agree End user License Agreement.

Step 5 – Choose your preference and hit Next.

Step 6 – The allow access screen will be open now. Here, review and continue with information, then tap ‘Allow’ button. 

Step 7 – Choose your email or enter other one, then tap OK.

Step 8 – Tap ‘Next’ and Start first scan.

Step 9 – At last, activate the setup and start using the ESET app.

ESET CD Installation –

If you purchased an ESET CD rather than downloading the software from www.eset.com/ca/download site, then you can install the CD setup using below steps;

  1. Insert the ESET security installation CD on Drive port.
  2. Wait for autorun menu pop-up.
  3. Otherwise, double-tap on disk drive.
  4. Double-tap on ESET disc icon.
  5. Read and accept the End-User License Agreement.
  6. Follow on-screen instruction.
  7. Finish the installation.

Necessity of ESET Security Log in – Download Setup From ESET My Account

Downloading ESET security can be completed in multiple ways where two most known methods are – installation using www.eset.com/ca/download page and getting the software from ESET my account.

Creating ESET account plays important role in each activity including ESET download, Activation, subscription renewal, managing setup, updates and other activities. You can create the account using My.eset.com webpage. If you don’t have any account, then follow below instruction;

  • Go to my.eset.com webpage.
  • Here, tap on CREATE NEW ACCOUNT tab.
  • Fill correct details such as Email address, country and create strong password.
  • Tick the box of AGREE ESET TERMS & CONDITIONS after reading the terms.
  • In the end, click on CREATE ACCOUNT button.
  • Open your registered email and verify the ESET account details.
  • That’s it; your account is created successfully.

You can download home or business products from www.eset.com/ca/download webpage, but if you are existing user, then you can directly get the setup using your account. Before preceding the steps you must purchase the subscription;

  • Open my.eset.com site page.
  • Enter your registered email. Then enter password.
  • Click on Sign In tab.
  • Go to my products or subscription page.
  • Here, you may need to enter activation code, otherwise you can choose ESET product directly.
  • Once you select the product, hit the download button.
  • Wait for complete download and follow installation instruction.

Even if you get the ESET antivirus from www.eset.com/ca/download site page, you will require login to ESET account. It will help your software in activation, as well as in subscription renewal.